We help you successfully create
a digital product from scratch,
sell it online and grow your business,
in record time ─ even while you’re
running your full-time projects,
at full-speed.

If you are a service-based business owner, a coach or a consultant and have already tried the treadmill of random business “tips and tricks”, “productivity apps” and “mindset hacks”, and you now want to leave out the fluff and take real action that works for you – you are definitely be in the right place.

Here, you will get the chance to work with a tried-and-true actionable system, and the step-by-step blueprint to get you to the results you are after, in the fastest possible way.

Not quick – just fast.

About You+Me 5
About You+Me 4
  • You have been trying to kick-start an online business by talking to business contacts, reading articles, subscribing to newsletters, buying books and skimming through info on best practices. And yet, nothing has worked so far, the way you want it to.
  • You have had enough of top-down online information (and even courses) with thrown-at-you content that promises to teach you stuff, but you’ve never managed to successfully act upon them.
  • You want to stop blindly trying the latest tips and tricks and productivity apps and hacks, and want to launch a digital product and make it work.
  • You want to move fast, but not just take a “magic pill”, some “quick scheme” or a “shortcut”, because – apart from the instant rush – you know that you’ll end up leaving out the fundamentals of how to run a real business.
  • You realise that this is as far as you can get on your own — and now you’re looking to get a hold of a system that will help you take the steps you need to get started and then push through at every stage moving forward.
About You+Me 1

Well here we are.

Hold tight!

I’m currently putting together what I dream to become
“the new industry standard”

Read about the entire project below.

In the meantime, we can still work together either inside
the Group Sessions, in 1-on-1 coaching and Corporate programs.

I always use the same core principles in all formats:
a mix of execution and learning disciplines
– whichever way you choose to work.

The volume, the depth, and the intensity differ.
The price too!

Please contact me below on the format that fits your needs best.

I will fill you in, on all questions and details needed.

So, if you are eager to learn more about
what I am currently building, read on;
it might also turn out that you become
a co-creator on this new way of getting things done.

About You+Me 2

The #1 formula
to help you take
bold action on your business,
in a matter of weeks,
instead of years.

I have been experimenting for a long time with the idea of having a guided course that is as intense as a body work-out; like a guided session at the gym (Les Mills Group Fitnes Sessions is my fave go-to method) ─ only it would be for taking action on your business.


Actioning is a muscle. It needs exercise.

Not later, but there, on the spot. Like building our skill-muscle.


So I came up with this idea of a super intensive, action-packed, pre-recorded online course specifically designed to accompany you throughout your entire trip from the moment you ‘take-off’ building an online business (or any other project you dream of) until you successfully complete a 6-week path that gets you to your clearly defined business goals.

About You+Me 3

Instead of disconnected tactics, ideas and advice, what you get inside this action-taking course is the glue to keep everything together:

  • A coherent, time-tested and step-by-step system, to help you work deliberately and methodically while being guided at every step of the way, so that you know exactly where to start from, and what to do by when.
  • You also get a rock-solid accountability system with specific action steps, milestones and timings to accompany you after you have successfully completed your 6-week program.

It is this part of the follow-through that solves the accountability-responsibility-and-ownership elements missing from almost all online courses.

  • In the end, you come out of the program with your own hyper-customized ”Strategy Execution Logbook”, to keep track of your next-steps, follow-through your implemented tasks and take corrective action, on your way to sustaining your growth.

This is the best way I can describe this experience:

More personalized than any online lecture-based course or “how-to” video, more customized to your real-life circumstances; and time-tested and proven to work – every time.

Here’s how to rapidly stand out of
99% of your competitors.

This element alone is sufficient to mark the considerable difference between a typical online course and an action-taking course.

Do we ever stop and think why online and even real-life training materials today often fail to lead to action?

Here’s why.

They share information, knowledge, strategies, and tactics, but do not link them to your specific business needs ─ so they lack a frame of reference.

Without this frame, most concepts often seem just like a bunch of empty words. (Remember college and how much we hated the way classes were taught?)

I have obsessed for years over the idea of relating learning a subject, following a system or acquiring a skill, to what we do when we want to GET SOMETHING DONE!

Think about it. It is a profoundly different approach.

The GUIDED Course is a turbo-charging, less than 60-minute guided work-out that you can practice every day, for a limited period. Think of it as a challenge.

Sounds like body-training? Well almost, only it is designed to make you work on your business.

It’s like training your entrepreneurial muscles, while you’re building your business.

It’s how you will become a masterful entrepreneur for good.

First: this is NOT a learning course. It is an action-taking one.

TThink of it more as a project-based and result-oriented course and less as a skillset learning course.

It is where you go to actually start building your online business; not just to learn how to build one.

Second: It is a super intensive, action-packed, guided work-out for hard-workers who will be guided to execute their plans, by moving fast, not just by taking shortcuts.

That is why we talk about the practice “interval”. Meaning that short bursts of high-intensity “decision-making and executing” alternate with less intense “reflecting and planning” recovery periods.

Every workout is less than 60 minutes, and the overall rhythm is buoyant. Every step is designed to help you shape your business ideas better and execute your plans better; by making faster decisions and taking better actions, as you move.

Third: It is a coherent and time-tested system that helps you begin seeing the results of your efforts on the spot, and not just starting to write plans for them.

We have rigorously tested every element so that it maximises efficiency and systematically leads to the expected tangible business outcomes, every time. Which is why it is critical that business objectives are always clearly defined before one goes in.

As happens with most participants, once you see the first results…you have your “why”.


Whether you’ll work with pre-designed material, or we’ll dig into your needs and design just for you, contents and the work-flow to match them, these four formats are proven to be 100% efficient when you find the right fit for you.
We also work online 90% and offline only on-demand.



A result-driven workout, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, to get to the results you’re after, in record time.

Read how you can take massive action when starting up.

-To be launched: Q4 2019
-6 weeks



The same tested-and-proven core principles infused in an intensive group session. But here you get to connect, in real time, with other online entrepreneurs, from the entire world. Those who are going through the same struggles as you are, right now.

-To reserve your slot, please provide some background.
-Minimum 3 months


ACTION-TAKING 1-ON-1 coaching

The signature methodology; All Yours. Intense action and results plan with personal input from me and follow-through by you.

This option is in high demand, and I’m fully booked right now, but there is always a way.
So tell me more about you.

-Minimum 6 months


ACTION-TAKING CORPORATE programs [Online/ Offline]

If you need your teams to take decisive action on your business, adopt new collaborative ways of working towards the expected results and play the game to win it, then we can work it out together.
We’ll discuss how to apply:

100% customized programs using a blend of the edgiest and street-tested systems for “Fast Track Project Management™” and “Accelerated Strategy Execution™”, to help get results in record time.
-Please share all the necessary details for us to connect.

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Find your online customers and build a successful digital product by using the exact system the top online entrepreneurs use. All yours. All Free.


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