Here is the one “hack” that works 100% of the times you use it

It’s been years now that I have been strongly advocating against the vastly misused words “hacks”, “hacking” and “hackers”.

Seriously we should stop molesting these words.

However, every time one of them appears, people listen.

I hate it but they do.

This can be attributed to our inner urge to always take the easy way out.

So, my tongue in cheek title does exactly that.

However, this is a true hack, or so, me and another hundred of people that have applied it, think so.

I have repeatedly used myself and experimented with tons of others with this hack.

We call it a “hack” because it seems to be able to hack other hacks, that are unhacked. (Wait? What?)

Bear with me.

I need to first establish a surprising truth: taking action is not in our nature; instead it needs an immense forward motion to go around our natural tendency to inaction.

Thus, we need to hack inaction.

It also takes practice.

The more we do it, the more we create new pathways to keep doing it.

Maybe the entire action-taking-body-building will take time, but it can start right away.

So, I am sharing the one thing I’ve found to work without fail, every time.

So here goes:

Take your #1 goal and announce the 1st thing you’ll do about it!

This is how it works. (I’ll do this with you)

  • First, take the #1 thing that has been boggling you for a while now.

It can be a specific business goal; a challenging professional situation; a business idea that is left on paper.

But also:

that pain on your back since last summer; the credit card debt you still have from 2011; that last phone call with your friend Tom ─ where he hangs up!; that annoying comment from your boss, that’s still bothering you. (you get the picture?)

  • Secondly, just remind yourself why you want it gone?

Yes. We agree that emotions ARE needed. So, now, let the emotional wave take over.

  • Thirdly, announce it!

This is the hacking part ─ it’s simple.

Go to your favorite social media, blogging platforms or chat and messaging apps.

[Here is almost every platform that is popular now: LinkedIn, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Snapchat, Slack, Google+, WeChat, Viber, QQ Mobile, Skype, Signal, Line, Telegram, Tumblr, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest]

Now instead of posting a generic feel-good lesson-learned or a positive quote poste: tomorrow’s morning planned intention.

Share it with selected people, or everyone or just send a personal post to a few.

That’s right: announce your micro-action.

That’s all.

Then see what happens.

Here you go. I promised I’d do it with you.


Here is the one "hack” that works 100% of the times you use it


Just share your intention.

Please don’t expose others. Like:

“$#@% you Tom, I’m coming to get you tomorrow”.

That’s not how I mean it.

There we go.

It’s so simple ─ yet it’s not easy.

 It’s a much more sophisticated action than what it seems though.

To pull this one action off, without even realizing it, you just activated a big part of your action-power-plant: Minimum 7 other micro-actions happened.

  1. You defined why you want this to happen.
  2. You split it down to its essential components.
  3. You arranged the components in a proper sequence. (well, give or take)
  4. You identified your 1st step ─ based on feasibility.
  5. You articulated your intention in your mind and wrote it down.
  6. You shared your intention (actually to convince yourself)
  7. You created your own accountability system and involved others in it.

Now you can let those “feelgood juices” kick in!

You just got yourself started with action-building 101.

Good luck holding back now that you’ve broadcasted this to the world.

Now, press the d@$n post button, will you?

PS (I’ve shared this PS time and again (and I love it!): The only way you can start taking action is to make a conscious decision to act on the tiniest possible micro-action right there, on the spot.

It can be as little as sending yourself a reminder in your agenda…to take care of this matter, “next day at 10:00”, if nothing else is feasible, right away. (Like traveling on the Tran Siberian to Vladivostok. In the winter of 1918. With no ink. Unfed. And with all pigeons on strike. Just saying.)

Write down a concrete micro action. Thoughts?

Make it real.

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