Here’s what top performers know ─ that most people don’t

If you ever study any person who’s already doing what you’re after – let’s say a person whose work you admire – you’ll probably realize that they don’t get all frantic and frustrated over the tactics and all the little stuff.

They really don’t.

Details matter only when it’s time for them to matter, but the bigger picture is a strategic choice they are very aware of.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have daily unexpected stuff and concerns. They do.

And these things don’t just ‘magically’ go away for them, and it’s not that they have hidden from you tips and tricks that got them where they are ─ This thing just doesn’t work this way.

If they seem to handle any situation and deliver results every time, then they’re probably doing something everyone else is not doing.

My biggest mentor, my dad, once gave me this piece of advice that forever changed the way I think about learning, preparing and doing:

“Cleo, it’s NOT what you don’t have; it’s what you’re NOT doing.”

It marked me, like a tattoo.

Try focusing on everything you read about successful entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, scientists, athletes or any other person who has achieved what you aspire to ─ make it a goal to speak to the ones you have access to.

It’s what I’ve spent years doing for a ton of fields, professionally and personally speaking. It has become like “my thing”.

This is what I lose track doing: studying the best.

If they succeed in what they do, then I want to know how they do it.

This is the single most important uncovered information I’m after and also the best-kept secret of every successful person I have studied.

I often talk about how people (including myself) paralyze themselves, without being able to implement what they learn, yet I rarely talk about THIS ONE thing that makes the entire difference: Successful people have created a system that leads them to success. Repeatedly.

It’s like a framework for getting things done. Which -not surprisingly- does not involve any checklists for quick wins, tips and tricks, hacks, mindset shortcuts, and any other self-help gurus ninja tactics.

It almost always involves a set of mental and execution principles that allow them to push through and get results every time.

They don’t just focus on getting quick answers. Nor quick wins.

They focus on finding solutions, identifying patterns, extracting the core principles for each action, and making them work for them.

Then they re-use this same framework over and over in different situations and get results every time.

One does not develop this “success framework” only by “setting a few basic rules” and “acting with autonomy inside those basic rules”, which is what we have learned to expect when we hear about “setting a framework”.

Top performers are particular about how this process works.

They use this framework to do the work upfront. This allows them to get started with a clear roadmap guiding them through exactly what they need to do at every step of the way.

They do that, they tweak it constantly with what they learn on the way and they don’t give up, no matter how many times they fail, until they get to their goal.

This is only proven way to get yourself and others moving toward a specific goal in a predictable and repeatable manner; so you can maximize the chances to get to the results you’re after.

I wanted you to know this and explain why I’m obsessed with it: it’s because it is what I have seen deliver results times and again.

It’s also the only area I urge myself to have front seat access to and where I keep myself updated, day in, day out.

Now, you needn’t have the same obsession, nor feel stressed out, if it’s a skill that you don’t master, because you might never need to master it what you might need, instead, is to get access to someone that does.

Please comment and tell me what other characteristics, you think, high performers have that most people don’t?

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