How I helped impact 72 countries, 5 continents, 15000 touchpoints and why you’d care?

I’ve often shared about me 20-year corporate career, yet I don’t specify often how in March of 2011, my career made a leap.

I was offered the unique opportunity to work in the L’Oréal headquarters in Paris as the International Commercial and Business Development Director.


I had already been successfully running commercial, marketing high ranking roles, but I had started from really, really, really, the bottom ─ like “ironing out” and removing dust from packs of chips on kiosk-racks as a merchandiser.

So, 15 years later I was trusted with the role of gearing up and executing the commercial strategy with a 6,000-strong field team.

Paris headquarters, the erotic city, an office in the emblematic building where the founder used to work 100 years before, a diverse and international team, projects with global impact and a ton of traveling.

Oh, and wine and cheese.

I was over the roof.

I had to lead change within the commercial teams globally, and to future-proof the business, I wanted to put in place new systems and collaborative ways of working to ly perform at our best consistently.

I rolled out the globally “L’Oréal Sales Academy” (LSA) ─ a start-up learning and execution model to help transform the way we worked, and drive business growth while growing our own team along the way.

I helped design programs for effective strategy execution to serve our customers better, gain more customers, and impact growth.

This led to me gaining a reputation for my forward-thinking, digital, and experiential upskilling methods, where methodical & deliberate practice alternated with a deep dive into the daily challenges of the real business.

In 2016 I implemented what was vastly recognized as the most significant professional success in my career: The launch of a global mobilization program that aimed to impact growth and to shift how we do things focusing on by far the most critical driver of our business ─ the professional hair coloring business.

The programs ran in 72 countries in 5 continents and touched in total the lives of 15,000 touchpoints.

Most importantly it became the new way of working with our teams and our customers; which is why it became the golden standard of turning any idea ─ no matter how big and bold it seemed ─ into concrete action.

Its efficiency was sealed with an impact on rapidly growing the business by a staggering 43M in the first nine months!

This experience gave me incredible insights into running global execution programs, the psychology of mobilization, action-taking, and running business matters entirely online.

From launching a start-up on the side to running my own gig?

At the end of 2017, after a seven-year path at the headquarters, I felt that what I discovered online had helped me grow, but in a different direction from the one, my corporate career was taking me in.

We were going separate ways.

What I saw online, I could not un-see, and I felt that this was where I belonged onwards.

It’s also where the people I was meant to help lived too.

I decided to start sharing my knowledge online, getting inspired by and inspiring entrepreneurs, executives and other individuals who were willing to chip away the obstacles, cut through the noise and play the game to win it.

So, I made the jump.

The same year, I also gave birth to a little girl, Thaleia.

Which brings me to now:

Today, I have helped a ton of startups and small businesses turn their service-based business into products that sell online and scale their impact.

So overall, I’ve worked extensively and gained immense experience with three types of industries:

    1. Health and Beauty businesses: Hairdressers, Stylists, Makeup Artists, Beauticians, Estheticians, Spas, Holistic Centers and Health Retreats
    2. Consultants and experts in upskilling and/or driving growth in B2B (Business to Business): Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Project Managers, and Service-Based Business Growth Experts.
    3. Event and Travel businesses: Destination Management, Convention Organisers, PR, and Event Planners.

Most importantly I have worked with people from 82 countries in total, and closer with all major countries across all continents, which has geared me with the capacity to understand different cultures and know-how to work with people from each one, in a way very few people know how to.

Why would you care about any of this?

Firstly, all the above is why I’d want you to know that I didn’t just pop out of nowhere.

I’ve had a significant experience but still, keep learning and developing valuable new skills probably more than most people working on my fields of interest.

I have also made quite a few mistakes and learned some hard-fought lessons: lessons I’d like to share with you and mistakes you can avoid.

I’m committed to giving you all I know, break it down and tailor it to your needs, systematize it to make it work for you.

So, If you’re looking to expand your business to online customers, create a product that sells online or start a business from scratch, then you’ll definitely find what you need here.

I can show you how to get to the results you’re after, in record time.

Especially if everything else you’ve tried has not worked out the way, you wanted.

I’d love to know: What is the biggest issue that you’re facing in your business, right now??

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